Volume slowly lowers in OS X..


Unofficial Mac Genius
I have a weird problem with OS X...

I've been using it for about 12 days straight now, but this has happened before this big chunk of uptime.

What happens is that I'll be using my computer regularly, and then the next day I start to strain to listen to sounds and stuff, since there are a lot of other loud things going on in my dorm :D. It's really weird... the volume doesn't go lower than a certain point, but when I restart, the raise in volume is VERY noticeable. Right now, I've put +100% for the sound on my frequently played MP3s so that I actually don't have to strain.

So, can anyone recommend any way to "reset" the volume to its original volume without restarting? Via the terminal would be fine. :)

I would like to preserve this great uptime, but get my volume back! ;)

It's actually not so bad, but just annoying... so I was wondering.