Voodoo 5 on OS X 10.1 - It "works" !!


Surprisingly my Voodoo 5 PCI actually "works" on 10.1, I couldn't even get 10.0 to boot with a monitor plugged in to it. However works is a relative term, no 2D or 3D acceleration, no DVD playback, and it refreshes weird (stripes seem to appear randomly.) But some support is better than none. has anybody else had better luck? What happened to the 3dfx Mac programmers? Maybe if all of us Voodoo 5 owners pitched in $20 to the cause we could get the programmers create real OS X drivers. Anyone?
well, 3dfx is 'no more.' I checked the nVidia site (the guys who bought out 3dfx) and they simply said 'see www.3dfx.com for drivers.' Obviously 3dfx.com hasn't been updated in a while and their drivers are simply for Classic.

sorry. :eek:
Yeah, I know 3dfx is gone, they've been dead a long time. But the people that actually programmed the drivers are still alive (I assume). I'm hoping that if we can get enough owners together with cash we can bribe them into writing some unofficial OS X drivers.
I too was surprised my 3dfx Voodoo 5 card ran with OS X 10.2.

However, it seems dog slow on the beige G3 with a 400mhz G4 ZIF processor upgrade. I knew the equipment was old, but it out to have a LITTLE more pep.

And to my dismay, there were NO drivers out there to help perk it up.

Keep the threads alive and if anyone has suggestions -- besides buy a new video card -- let us know.