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Would those of us that would rather these forums be ANY other color than Orange please let the admins of this forum know

Could you use standard link colours i.e. underlined blue links that turn purple when visited. It is difficult to tell the difference between a visited and a new link.

That would make the site a lot easier to use. The blue links would stand out well against the orange.

Andrew Montague
It'd be nice if the site's colour scheme could be part of the user's profile. It wouldn't have to be totally customizable, but a generally blue scheme, or green scheme, yellow, orange, whatever, to provide a bit of a choice...
What I like about this site is the speed. PHP is defintely tops in speed. However. There seem to be a few small problems.
1.The fact that the entry rows alternate colour makes it very difficult to place an avatar with a background of the right colour. That is unless you like square avatars.
2.The text size is too large. An option to make it smaller would be nice.
3.The TD tags depend on the width of the text within them -in Mozilla in any case- Giving them a fixed width (not a big job really) would improve the legibility of the site enormously.
4.The colour are a matter of taste, but it would in my opinion be better to have neutral colours . This orange colour is offputting to me.
The colors are a little strange, but after being here just a week im used to them and dont mind them at all. A more neutral scheme might be nice, but I have no problems with the current look. :cool: