VPC: Can't resize...Missing display driver


I'm running Win 98 on Virtual PC 7. I cannot get the VPC window to enlarge. When I go through the control panel to the display driver list, the plug and play file is not there. It does not appear to be on the CD either.

These are the instructions I'm using:
Once inside the Display Properties,
1. go to the "Settings" tab
2. Click Advanced
3. click the "Monitor" tab
4. click Properties
5. click the "Driver" tab
6. click Update Driver
7. When the wizard comes up, select "no, not this time" and click Next
8. select "Install from a list...(Advanced)" and click next
9. select "Don't search..." and click Next.
10. uncheck "Show compatible hardware"
11. Under Manufacturer, select (Standard Monitor types)
12. Under Model, select Plug and Play Monitor
13. click Next
14. Click Finish

Is it possible to find the file and install it independently?

Any ideas how and where to source a driver?