Vpn Help


Several months ago, I installed something that was to protect my iPhone from 'prying eyes' at public WiFi sites.
Since a few weeks ago, with a new Facebook update, I cannot get recent posts on FB! No amount of restarting helps. Popup says "Network Trouble". Happens every several days.
Deleting FB & reinstalling works, but is a royal PIA!

I'm thinking the app that installed VPN was the problem, and thought that AdBlockPlus was the culprit, but, no. I deleted it but VPN still is there and will not turn off in settings. Goes off but turns on immediately.
What else might have installed VPN?? I cannot find anything that possibly could be associated. It is maddening!! Help??

Last hope, that I want to avoid, is to reset phone entirely, and reinstall apps & settings one-by-one.

iPhone 6, btw.
No one? Not even a guess?
The iTunes app store has over 100 apps that involve VPN; I have none of them.
I couldn’t come up with anything to help. Your best bet is to do a reset. Time consuming, but hopefully you will find the culprit.

Just thinking... install the Facebook App first before anything else, see if it could be that latest FB update.
It WAS AdBlockPlus.
There is a setting in Settings->General->VPN. I turned this off and all is well now. (Not the same VPN setting on the 1st page of settings)
"Enable AdBlock" is still there (although I have deleted it!) and checked, but under status, I have VPN turned off. It stays off--YAY!!!
Time will now tell whether Facebook still has "Network error" troubles.