VPN software?


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I haven't been able to find any, but I was wondering if there was any VPN software for OS X? I do a lot of telecommuting and it would make things much nicer :)

If anybody knows of anything, or even companies to talk to, I'm open for suggestion.

Is that like ATT's VNC, or PC Anywhere - remotely using a machine as if the monitor, mouse, and etc were wired over the network?
I'm in the same situation.

Rumor has it that Cisco has an OS X port of their Intraport client, but I haven't found where to download it. I'm not even sure if the client is free :(

Anyone know anything about this?
<A href="http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/aggr/vpn5000/client/winmac/macosx51/install.htm">Definately exists</A>, but I think these clients are only licensed to companies who buy their VPN server hardware. bah
you might want to check this out.

I'm not sure how easy it would be to port and I haven't tried porting this yet, but I hope to try in about 2 months.

This would work with a microsoft VPN system (also a project available on the linux platform). Not the *most* secure from what I've read, but at least an option.

hope this is the sort of thing you're looking for.
So has anyone had any luck connecting their mac to a network via VPNing with PPTP into a VNP server? ( hope I explained that correctly )

I want to login to my work's network from home using some sort of VPN client.

The mac link about just looks like it for ISDN or DSL account login... don't think it's what I'm looking for.

Any luck with the linux port of pptp?
I currently use the Cisco 5000 VPN client which supports Shared Key and works quite nicely. If you know someone who has access to Cisco's support software website have htem download it for you. It will be worth it. Clean install. Easy setup. Very smooth.

What os are you running? If you are using jaguar there is a built in vpn client open network connect and then create a new vpn connection.
For connecting to a Windows PPTP VPN, Jaguar works without a hitch (at least it did for me...).

If you are still in 10.1, look up DigiTunnel or PPTP-GUI for an OS X-based PPTP client.


Originally posted by Shibby
What os are you running? If you are using jaguar there is a built in vpn client open network connect and then create a new vpn connection.
If you are able to log into the contivity using PPTP then all is well.

I have already tested the PPTP functionallity on my contivity.

Nortel will be releasing a contivity client for X by the end of the year.

I has a long talk with the EDS guy about it...

Even if you configure PPTP with all the right settings, you still have no way of passing the userID, password (from SecureID) and PIN. Basically, the PIN is what kills me as I need the Contivity client to concurrently pass all 3 pieces of data to the authentication server...

otherwise, good to know that there will be something by EOY. :)