VT420 Emulation


Official Bartender
Anyone qot any suggestions for VT420 emulation in OSX? I used ZTerm on my old machine, and I'm using the OSX version at the moment. I've found that the Terminal gives me a better interface than ZTerm when I telnet into our VMS boxes, but I need teh extended keyboard of a VT420 Terminal (F-keys greater than 12 and the PF modifier keys, for example). I can produce these using macros in ZTerm, but not sure if this is possible from Terminal.
I could be totally off on this, but have you tried setting the term variable?

such as TERM=asci or TERM=vt100?

I find that helps when I'm telneting from solaris to OS X. Granted, it wouldn't get you those extra keys. Although, compiling ncurses and minicom might.
I've sussed how to send the equivalent of the keys I'm missing. They're all of the form


Where XX is a number.

I'd kind of like to assign the most common ones to some kind of macro or script so I don't have to constantly type them in (I do most of my Terminal stuff at silly o'clock in the morning, when I'm half asleep). Anyone know anything about this?