Wacom Bluetooth Wireless Tablet And Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Interference


With my mac-mini, (OSX panther), and DBT-122 bluetooth dongle, I have a wireless keyboard, and a wacom bluetooth graphics tablet.

In the past, I had a USB mouse, and a apple wireless keyboard. They both worked fine, without a hitch.

Then, using these peripherals, I installed my new Wacom Graphire Bluetooth graphics tablet, it worked great.

But I ran into a problem: When I turn on and start using my tablet, the keyboard's "Connection lost" icon appears, and the keyboard stops working. The keyboard's LED just flashes.

When this happens, and I need to use the keyboard, I have to click on the window I want to type in with the tablet, turn the tablet off, turn the keyboard on, then type. As soon as I turn the tablet on (and start using it) the keyboard's connection is lost.

I really want to keep using wireless peripherals, as I have no desk-space to speak of. I'm using a mac-mini, but ironically I'm forced to use what must be the largest CRT monitor in the world! (Which I quite like for its crispy display and ridiculously large resolution!) Hence no desk space, and I usually sit back on my bed when using the mac. I definately do not want wires trailing across my room!

Mac Mini running OSX Panther 10.3.9
Bluetooth dongle DBT-122 by D-Link
Apple Wireless Keyboard
Wacom Graphire Bluetooth graphics tablet