wacom tablet drivers - finally

I've there's me just gone and bought a brand new Kensington scroll-multi-button mouse 'cause of the lack of a driver for Wacom's Tablet in OSX!!!!!:(
Anyone know how to get the new driver working with an older (ArtZ II) ADB tablet using the iMate adapter?

It works just fine as a normal mouse in OS 10.1 with no driver installed (no relative positioning), but the Wacom driver doesn't recognize it - says there's a "Version Mismatch" between the "CPL" and the driver.

Any thoughts?

(I know Wacom doesn't say this tablet is supported with the new driver, but I was hoping to get it working.)
and you waited about a month more than needed. they've been posted for quite some time, you outa keep up with www.VersionTracker.com. btw, take a look at the first post's date, 9/23? and you thought it was new :p

only problem with drivers so far, is that every so often (its been happening less and less the more i use my mouse btw) the drivers will lock up the system entirely. no mouse movements, no sound, not even the cool little flashing colons in the clock. waiting for them to fix it while i hold my breath :eek:

Pressure sensitive feature only applies to Classic apps.

This feature doesn't seem to work in carbonized apps like Painter, etc :mad: