Waiting for the right TiBook


Hi all,

It seems to me a bit funny that Apple released iBook with Combo-Drive, but only DVD or CD-RW for TiBook. Usually higher end models have more option but it's oposite. It almost sound like TiBook may come up with SuperDrive soon. Hey, its G4 is only a couple of hundred MHz away from G4 tower, it's not possible.

This is only my thought ... but I'm also wondering if someone else is wonering the same, or actually have heard rumor somewhere.

Actually, I was talking with one of the guys in CompUSA, and he'd heard some very interesting things about combo-drive in the TiBook. He's got some contacts in Apple, and generally seems to know what he's talking about, yaddayaddaya, but take this with the appropriate grains of salt.

He said that he'd recieved several reports, and had claimed to have confirmed these, that some TiBooks were coming back from Apple after repairs missing their DVD-ROM drive, and instead had slot-loading combo drives. What's really interesting is that the repairs were generally unrelated to the optical drive. What's especially interesting is that the replacement of the drive was not noted anywhere in the repair notes, nor acknowledged by Apple. The only reason these folks knew about it was that a recordable drive suddenly showed up in the Profiler or iTunes or Toast or whatever.

The only thing that we can figure is that Apple is seeding the market with these to make sure they're reliable before introducing them on a "new" model. Seems wierd, no?

Anyway, if anyone's got a TiBook that's been in for repair, check to see if you can now burn CD's on it. It'd be interesting to see if we can get some independent confirmation of this (admittedly strange) rumor...