wallpaper changer?


quick question, just looking for a program for OS X that'll change wallpapers at set intervals for me, and automatically tile/stretch the appropriate images.
i've looked but can't find!
The desktop picture in OSX 10.0.x is managed entirely by the Finder by means Apple has neglected to make public. Supposedly this is changing for 10.1.

The URL for the picture file is in the com.Apple.Finder defaults file, under the DesktopViewOptions key
man that's a shame :(
hopefully when 10.1 is released someone will make such a program? was such a program available for os 9?
i come from the win2k world (please don't hit me), and plan on buying my first mac any day now. personally i find it a beautiful OS (both in appearance and substance), and am really looking forward to spending a lot of time with it. sorry if i'm asking dumb questions, however ;)
I used to be with OS 8-9.1 (OK, 9.2 for you folks out there with a new G4), you could simply drag a folder of pictures to the (open) Appearance control panel, with the Desktop tab selected, then click Set Picture. Then, whenever you restarted the Finder (tsk, tsk), restarted your computer, or logged out and logged back in (if you had Multiple Users set up), you'd get a different picture each time, randomly selected from that folder.

Alas, alack, that functionality disappeared with 10.0.x. I haven't seen any indication it's coming back, either. :(
Alas, alack, that functionality disappeared with 10.0.x. I haven't seen any indication it's coming back, either.

I think that's what Steve was trying to do in his MW demo when Finder crashed on him
yeah i'm after something like webshots is for pc (win) i tried webshots for Mac os9.x and it sucked :( i am not sure if they offer an osx vers. (www.webshots.com) but yeah i only use it for windows when i have to use that crappy os ;-/
i am also after a desktop pic changer like this for osx
anyone know of anything?
There is a new app that will change the background pic at startup. I haven't tested it yet, but it seems to be the only thing out there.

Download it here: RandomBackground

It's open-source so you could edit the location of the pictures you want displayed.

Hope this helps,

If you are willing to give up the desktop entirely...

Get TinkerTool and turn off the desktop and then run SaverLab.

SaverLab is a screen saver hosting application that can go background fullscreen.

If the system supplied modules do not fit your needs then do a search on screen saver in Version Tracker (where the above two apps are available).

Some savers drain too much CPU to keep them going all the time. I imagine an image save will use very little.

If you still cannot find one then get one that is open source and write one yourself. You'll be amazed how easy it is with Cocoa's built in screen saver class.
won't 10.1 have new functionality that will cycle through your pictures folder fading in and out those pictures as the background? i think thats what i heard...
in Macworld or some other mag, I heard, (before the public beta) that you could even use a screensaver as a bg... is this also false?