Wallstreet - Give me some advice Pls?


I have created two (2Gb) partions via the MacOS9 CD util's - (Mac OS Extended format).
I loaded OSX onto the first partition and up it came - great. I then dragged my backed up 9.0.4 onto the 2nd partition - But when I attempt to boot from this partition my sys' folder is unrecognized?

I would dearly like to install both 9 & X on my Pb. With 9 as my primary OS and X as my "boot-into-it-play-and see-it-I-can-run-for-week-without-disaster" OS.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance :)

(exciting times, Eh?)
Taking out the extra 256MB of RAM and just leaving the Stock 64MB in cured the problem with X installing and Running on my Powerbook, and someone elses iBook, and iMac. Good Luck