Wanadoo Livebox


Having an issue with accessing the internet itself. Since Wanadoo are adament that they cannot provide technical support for OS X I (mr computer illiterate) am having to sort it out.

To the point (please excuse the lack of technical know-how):
My iBook recognises the livebox (full signal) and the livebox indicated that it is connected to the internet (slow flashing '@' light), but I cannot login with wanadoo so that it will grant me access.

I have had access before, since a housemate logged in using Windows XP (on which the installation software works), but his girlfriend tried to get access on her computer and in the process managed to log me out. They are both away for a number of months and I really need access to the internet at home. Please help. Thanks.


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Ah yes. Been here myself. Simply make sure that the connection is showing in your Network prefs as whatever port the Livebox is on, be it wireless or Ethernet, then in a web browser go to http://administration.adsl

This accesses the box's internal gubbins. Login: admin Password: admin and you'll be able to put in your broadband login and details. Trick here - the Livebox is such a rubbish piece of kit that it doesn't work in most browsers. Think I finally got a result in Opera. Safari wouldn't do it. Once that's given you an accepted message, provided your details are correct (it's the login that ends "@fs", you're online and rolling.

Now my question...

When your Livebox breaks, and it will, is there a Mac was of installing the firmware update as supplied on the Windows spec Rescue CD? I've been on to tech support and spoken to a number of tech illiterates in Delhi or somewhere, but the conversation went along the lines of...

TS: "What version of Windows are you running"
Me: "I have a Mac"
TS: "Do you have a normal computer"
Me: "I have a Mac"
TS: "Do you have another computer, say a laptop, with Wind..."
Me: "I have a Mac. I have three computers, all Macs"
TS: "Do you know anyone with a..."
Me: "It's late, I'm not running around town trying to find a Windows PC. Can you help me or not"
TS: "What you need to do is locate... Hello? Hello sir?"

Come on people, there must be a way!