Want Move from Apple Mail to Outlook on my Mac-Book

Hello, guys, I am Peter I want to know how do I move and transfer all my data from Apple Mail email to Outlook for Mac I personally used Apple Mail but as per my official says I have to change my email client so please help me.
I'm in the same situation right now. My old email client broke and now I'm having trouble transferring my important information. Perhaps someone has used these resources and can share their impressions.
Is the mail account configured in Apple Mail using IMAP or POP?
  1. If IMAP: and you have a complte mailbox structure in 'On my Mac' you can rebuild the 'On my Mac' mailbox structure' and move/copy all messages/mailboxes to the IMAP server as all your messages and mailbox structure will be stored on the server.
    Your messages and mailbox structure will then be accessible in Outlook when using the same IMAP account.
  2. If IMAP and you don't use mailboxes 'On my Mac' (only on the server), all your messages are already on the mailserver and accessible in Outlook using the same IMAP account.
  3. If POP, are yoour messages and mailboxes are stored in 'On my Mac' and you can add a second mail account using IMAP on the same mailserver, you can do as described above,
If you can't add an IMAP account you should indeed consider MailExporter Pro.