[Want to Know] how to control mac from win xp?


wow, 1.4g is way faster!
how do i control my mac from win xp by vnc? thanks to ms i can control win xp from my mac via remote desktop connection, and now i want to go the other way, but apple has not been as nice as ms and written a free app for us to use. anyone done it with tiger, and how well?


First off, this forum is for posting instructions on how to do stuff, not questions, so please use another forum next time.

Second: there is an application called "VNC" that you can use. It has many incarnations, and the server you need on the Mac can be found here:

Get a VNC client for your PC, and you're good to go.


wow, 1.4g is way faster!
thats what i need to know, what client to use on win xp, because accourding to macaddict, there is a server built into tiger.


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You can install OSXvnc on the Mac side and use RealVNC or any other VNC client to control the Mac. Apple also has its Apple Remote Desktop, but I haven't had any experience with that yet. At the school I work at, we have a bunch of iMacs and I plan on working with Apple Remote Desktop to manage the other iMacs. I plan on getting that going tomorrow, so I will have some answers for you then...unless someone answers efore I do. :p