WANTED: Screenshots

Joseph Spiros

Software Engineer
Does anyone know of a site that has alot of Mac OS X screenshots of just different apps running, etc? I am in love with OS X and Aqua, but I am still a slave to a PC until I get my Quicksilver, but In order to live, I need to see some screenshots everyday to stop myself from becoming depressed :)

Also, If anyone has a screenshot of a classic app running in OS X (maybe screenshots of the window, and if possible, the contents of the Apple and Application menus, but the window is most important) that would be wonderful, as I am totally curious to see how Classic is implemented (is it like VPC like an emulatior complete with desktop, or is it kinda like how XWindows apps run in X).

Thanks so much, and wish me luck with surviving my last months with this POS PC. (For those of you curious as to how much you should feel sorry for me, heres the specs:

> 100MHz Pentium Proc.

> 32 MB RAM

> 4X CD-ROM Drive (which, IS NOT DAE Compatable!!!)


Well thats it)

OKay, thanks again!

On my website, I will start a album of OS X screenshots that anyone can post to (unless someone starts posting non-osx images of course)... so if you want to submit your screenshot(s), feel free to here.

also, If you have any other version of Mac OS and you want to show off your desktop, you can also post at the above url.

lastly, if you have windows, you can also post shots there.

Also, for ANY computer related imagery, browse (and where there are "Upload here" albums, upload) here. theres nothing there yet except for the above, so feel free to email me your suggestions :)

Thanks again! :D
thank you so much... and yes.... poorrrppoorrr me :)

ps - love the avatar :) sadly, i havent seen that episode with Q's son...
dantjie - LOL. those are Linux only screenshots and have nothing to do with MAC OS 10!!!!!!!!!!
He said mac os 10, not linux.
umm... yes they are... OS X and the classic MacOS screenshots are up there.

but, also, i would like to remind that i have a screenshot place on my site too (http://josephspiros.chronosurf.com/imagery/screenshots) that I would just LOVE your contribution, no matter how "boring" you think it is.

And again, If someone could take a screenshot of a Classic App Running in Mac OS X (perhaps along with native apps) so I can see what It's all about.
buggs1a, I don't know what you are looking at, but the URL I posted shows Mac OS, and Linux desktops. They're certainly not Windows!

This is a shot of my desktop running Fireworks 4 as the Classic App. Hope you enjoy it Joseph.

Hop the attachment works this time.


P.S. OK it's too large, I'm going to post it over at your place Joseph.
Thanks so much!!! I really like how OS X works with classic apps... its so seamless (from what I can see) I really like it! Thanks so much, and also, thanks for putting it up at my place!

Two things I'm curious about:

1) Theres a Hotline Client for Mac OS X??? thats great, for when I get my G4 im starting a server.

2) Does windowshade work for Classic Apps (im guessing yes, but just checking) :)

Thanks soooo much!! :D
Yes to both, but you would be wiser to use the Carracho system instead of Hotline. It's much nicer to look at (the Hotline Carbon versions look like a cow pie that was run over by a tank, a hideous mixture of Aqua and Platinum interface elements) and it has no banners and it allows you to make as many connections to as many servers as you want (without duplicating the application like you have to do in hotline). Much better in other words. www.carracho.com
thanks... ill look into it. Is there a version that I could set up to run as a root job (or whatever its called.. something that can be run in the background, like ftp servers and the like)? A server that is.
i just read a bit more.. i see its a mac only app... hmm... i may just have to make a hotline server, but im not completely sure yet tho.