Warning: Beware Of New Scam


Rosie Moderator
Staff member
You may receive an email with the subject: Your Apple ID has been updated yesterday. Check your new benefits.
The body of the email:
"We are working to improve our customers experience in your area. Therefore, we are offering our 50 selected customers this great opportunity to win a $1000 Apple Gift Card.

We are more than happy to invite you to complete this 30 second survey and rewarded with a $1000 Apple Gift Card.”

The link is not Apple’s. Do not respond to this email.
Why people even open such emails is beyond me. I never open JUNK FOLD email, that is not from anyone that I do not know, and sometimes even then knowing that many contacts addies have been attacked and you get FAKE email with links to check out that are scams.

Ah, but this wasn’t in my Junk folder. And it appeared to be from Apple.

If it looks too good to be true --- it is a scam. (I am hating the word ‘FAKE’ lately).
In the UK we have been getting fake Apple e-mails "confirming your upgrade to 1TB of iCloud storage". The link looks like an Apple Store page. But behind the "From" name was an email address that was clearly a scam one. A lot of stuff we have been getting seems to originate from an e-mail domain "@shaw.ca".