Warranty claim ( PB G4 )


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I bough a Powerbook G4 in March and I have been tolerating the defects since then. No more, I want to make a waranty claim.

My TiG4 has 3 defects:

1) The battery: when I hold the computer in my hands the power goes off and the clock is reset to 1940. This is really irritating.

2) The trackpad is uneven and there is a gap on one side

3) My speakers screech when playing low frequency music (specifically Portishead kills my speakers)

How long does it usually take to get your computer fixed for minor issues like the above? Where should I call to get it sent to Apple and not to an intermediary?

My father has a Thinkpad that broke twice, the first time it took IBM 2 weeks to fix the problem, the second time it took them 1 month!!! I hope I'm not in for a horror story.
You should call the dealer you bought the computer from. If it has to be sent back to Apple, expect it to be gone about a week. Whether or not it goes back is determined by the dealer's classification from Apple. Apple Specialists are authorized to do some repairs in their stores, but not all. Apple resellers who aren't classified as Specialists must send all PB repairs back to Apple.
i solved the battery problem by taping it down on the edges. noone looks down their anyway
If you can do without it for 10 days or so...

Rumor is TiBooks are being sent back with Combo drives these days. I'm thinking of manufacturing a problems with my own :)
is the combo drive dvd/cdrw?

anyone know what the specs for both dvd and combo drive is?
Has anyone had a problem with a clicking noise, I think its from the hard drive?

With these beauty-machines.

The trackpad thing, mine is on the verge of being uneven (a few more months fingering will wear my pride and joy out!!:p )

As for the moving of the TiBook, there has always been issues with this, such as waking up from sleep if it is even slightly moved (with the lid down).

I will always check the powerbook before I buy now (first one blew up, then the second had a sticky "within Apple's specification" pixel!!!).
gotta check the powerbook support discussion on apple.com

so much info/fixes up their
Jdog: Yeah I often get a loud clicking sound. I think it comes from the hardrive but I'm not sure. I hope they don't have to fix that as well. Or actually, maybe I do so that they can send me a new one with combo drive and radeon mobile :D

Sometimes I wish I would have waited a bit longer for the newer version but with high tech you have to make a decision sometime or you'll just keep using your old 386.

Are you sure I have to call my dealer? I'm lazy and I don't feel like taking the subway and skipping work :D Can't I call Apple and have them send me a box by Fed Ex so that I can send it back with the PB??
About Apple Service:
If you're in their 90-day warranty period (which you probably are), you can call them for free and they will ship you a box, you ship your computer back in it, and they ship your computer back fixed. That's the way it works. I had a defective backlight and cable on the LCD (the cable was across the entire model, the backlight was just me, it's a PB G3 400 FireWire). I sent it back in their pre-paid Airborne Express box and they sent my computer back in less than a week. Turnaround time can vary with how much traffic they have at the moment, but it's usually pretty quick.
BTW, if you havn't already called, they don't know when you bought your computer, so they'll start your 90 days now. :D
sweeeeet! I bought the computer in March, but I've never called Apple. Do they ask you when you bough the computer? Or ask for the bill? Or do they just assume that it's in the warranty period since it's a Ti and it must be less than a year?
Nope: they don't care. They ask for your serial number and phone number, and if those aren't in their database, you're in your 90-day warranty period. However, the AppleCare plan is great, after I bought it, I had so many repairs done that it would have been more expensive without it. Very creative on their part ;) :p
Just a clarification of oldmac's post- all PowerBooks/iBooks have to be sent to Apple for repairs (at least that was the case here in Canada as of the first iBook). Even if you take it into a dealer, they'll have to send it out to Apple. May as well go straight to the source.
Apple hardware comes with a one year warranty, not 90 days. They used to (way back when) have a 90 day warranty, but they changed it (under duress, as I recall) to one year.

The TiBook I bought in March is in for warranty repair now. One of the rubber stops that prevent the screen from rubbing on the keyboard (badly) disintegrated and one of the latches was developing a crack. They're also replacing the HD on their own initiative (too loud - I hadn't noticed).

One of the parts has been on backorder for about three weeks. If Apple can't get it in stock by the end of the week, I'm probably going to ask them to send it back unrepaired.
A reclarification of my earlier post: All PB/iBooks do not have to go back to Apple, but it does depend on what is wrong with the unit and whether the reseller is an Apple Specialist or not. Apple Specialist shops, such as the two that I work out of, can do minor repairs, such as keyboard replacements. Non Apple Specialist resellers must send all units back for repair. Not all resellers are Apple Specialists.
Perfect, so I will call Apple directly so that they can send me a box.

Has anyone had any problems with the PB speakers? I hear a screaching sound when I play low frequenccy music. Portishead music always make my speakers screach; I usually listen to my music wiht headphones anyway.