Was Asked To Reset My Password - Yosemite


Anyone know why this would happen when it's never happened before? I am the sole user of this MBA and this is not on a corp network.
What password were you asked to reset? iCloud? Apple ID? User password on the computer? Or a web site password?

The computer would not ask you to reset your User password unless you were in System Preferences>Users & Groups and you clicked on change password.
Exactly what kind of notice did you get? Did it give a reason why? Do you have FileVault activated?

Are you - the sole user set as Amin? Do you have Guest user (under other users in User & Groups preference Pan in System Preferences) active?

When you start up your computer, do you need to type in your password or is it set up to automatic login?
A popup on login, asking to reset password. So, I put a new one in and it wasn't acceptable ("check with your server admin"), so I picked another one. I am the sole user with admin privs, there's an inactive guest account that I setup and haven't used for years, and Filevault has been enabled for 4 years. Computer is set to ask for password after 5 mins of screensaver.
I can't even see where the "server admin" would be able to adjust password requirements.
i just ran this in terminal

> pwpolicy -n /Local/Default -getglobalpolicy

usingHistory=3 maxMinutesUntilChangePassword=525600

So, according to this, it's set to ask for new pw at 365 days. It's possible I just can't remember every having had to do it, I guess.