Was there an update?


When I first got my hands on the beta (soon after its release) I remember specifically that pushing the monitor button on the new ASD 17" did nothing. I am pretty sure about this because I used to play with the button when I was bored (it would light up but nothing would happen). However, when I pushed it yesterday, the System Prefs started up and the monitor control panel showed up; it now does this typically. Did anyone else notice this? Also, when you would click on the Finder icon in the Dock, a new Finder window would pop up, regardless of whether or not you already had one open (unlike other OS X apps). It no longer does this, and if you have an open Finder window minimized, it pulls it up. So basically.. my question is.. has anyone noticed any other behavior changes? Has Apple been supplying updates to the PB via software update? Just speculation.

I haven't noticed anything, but it's possible. There was an update a couple weeks ago adding more languages, and there was also an update to the developer tools to go along with it - I don't know if these were available over SW Update though. But that *is* what it's designed for ;)

Now I can't wait to get home & see if I got it too!
I noticed these changes as well. Also the volume keys started working (though there is no visual display). The eject key still doesn't work, if its starts I'll post that here.
I would like to get the updates (if any)... more languages sound interesting.
I still havent gotten OS X to be able to get online and I have tried EVERYTHING
(and I am doing everything by the book )
Is there any place to download updates to X ?