Watch world cup on iPhone?


Where will you watch world cup? At home, go to the bar or watch the world cup on iphone?


I can haz cigar?
I do not plan to watch it at all.

As with many 'hallmark events' throughout the world, the 2010 FIFA World Cup has been connected to evictions which many claim are meant to 'beautify the city', impress visiting tourists, and hide shackdwellers. On 14 May 2009, Durban-based shack-dwellers took the KwaZulu-Natal government to court over their controversial Elimination and Prevention of Re-Emergence of Slums Act, meant to eliminate slums in South Africa and put homeless shackdwellers in transit camps in time for the 2010 World Cup. They have gained a lot of publicity for their efforts even in the international media.

Another prominent controversy surrounding preparations for the World Cup is the N2 Gateway housing project in Cape Town, which plans to remove over 20,000 residents from Joe Slovo Informal Settlement along the busy N2 Freeway and build rental flats and bond houses in its place in time for the 2010 World Cup. The residents would be moved to the poverty stricken Delft township on the outskirts of the city and out of sight from the N2 Freeway.[52][53][54] There has been particular concern about forced removals to the Blikkiesdorp camp in Delft and that, in Durban, children are being forcibly removed from the city centre.

In July 2009, South Africa was hit with rolling protests by poor communities who demanded access to basic services, jobs, adequate housing and the democratisation of service delivery. These protests have been linked to the World Cup as protesters complain that public funds are being diverted away from social issues to build stadiums and upgrade airports. Fears have been expressed that the growing protests by shack dwellers could result in the tournament being disrupted. Some grassroots social movements have called for a boycott of the event.


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I don't plan to watch it either - I rather do than watch the sports.
(Except Superbowl.. for the ads)


It is a pity that you guys do not watch soccer, for me i would like to go to a bar to watch it. plus i would buy a world cup iphone case from a store named dsstyles to support my favourite England.


There are a few iPhone apps specifically designed for keeping up with the World Cup. Southafrica2010 World Cup Soccer Cup Tracker provides news and updates about the event and FIFA teams for 99 cents.Real time chicago Real Estate listings!.The FIFA News iPhone app is also just 99 cents and provides stats, photos and instant score updates. ESPN also has their own World Cup app available for free.
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To be able to do this you will need to download and install the SlingPlayer Mobile software, only then will you be able to take full control over your Slingplayer device.
Once installed you can then use your iPhone or other smartphone device to watch your live or recorded World Cup matches, this can be done on Wi-Fi or 3G