Water splash :(((


I was working on my gaming pc when i accidentally knocked a glass of water and a little bit splash on my power mac g5 quad 2.5ghz liquid cooled . The mac was flickering power by itself click click click etc so i unplugged it and looked inside and there were some water (very little) that came in from the front and landed on the ram rail slots (2 top ones) so i dried everything and ITS BEEN about 12 hours since the accident . Now when i plug it in its fine I hear a click . if i hit the power button the white light comes on and for a split second i see a red light and then it shuts off by itself . No fans no chime no video . Can someone help ? is there a reset for the psu ? or should i wait longer or take a hot hair dryer to it or just throw it away ? i was using it as a server and it was working great i am so mad at myself now grrrr.


Well, buddy, there is nothing more that we can do but to advise you to give the computer more time to dry. If after a couple of days it still refuses power on, then you will need to have the computer repaired.