Way back in the late 1980's....


Way back in the late 1980's, I used to call up a local BBS and play a TEXT-based game called Galactic Empire. Basically, you had soldier planets, mining planets, and food planets, and the Galactic Empire stock market. You could form alliances with other players, providing weapons, troops, etc.... You romped around the galaxcy waging war and making friends and defeating opponents all in a TEXT-based strategy game. THIS GAME ROCKED. Does it still exist? I figured some egg head somewhere preserved this and wrote it for some UNIX variant. It sure would be nice to play this game again. Anyone know where I can get it?

Incidentally, I used to play this game on my Apple IIgs with a 1200 baud Apple modem. I think the program I used was "MouseTalk" which had a text interface with drop-down menus using Apple II mouse characters - very cool and very fast alternative for GUI with drop-down menus and stuff. Later I switch to "ProTerm" because of redial features. You see, everyone would try to play Galactic Empire on this one small BBS that had one phone line. Our goal, me and my college buddies (who had alliances), was to all meet over at someone's apartment at 11:00PM. Then we would all take turns logging onto the BBS, running thru 4 cycles of Galactic Empire, doing our damage, and logging back on just after midnight and running through another 4 cycles, maximizing the damage to our opponents. You could only run thru 4 cycles in a 24 hour period, so this just added to the excitement of destruction and decimation.

I used to play that game around 7 years ago! That was a fun game...what ever happened to it? I have no clue....

That's nice.

That seems close. If I could only see it running. I saw a link to play it over telnet, and since telnet is TEXT, I'll bet this is the game. I couldn't get any of the links to work that led to playing / obtaining it on the website.

Thank you very much for the link, I'm going to inquire about the game on that website this weekend.

Well, one of the links is a telnet:// link, which may not be running properly in browsers on OS X, so just try

telnet thekeep.net

But Terminal seems to have problems with some of the ANSI codes...
Thanks blb,

I just emailed the SysOp of the BBS to see if he has the game. I didn't see it there, but hopefully he has it. I created an account there just a short while ago. Brings back memories...

Mac OS X Terminal application is so convenient. I just telneted to the address and BLAM, there it was, full color ANSI text in all it's glory - too cool.


The SysOp just emailed me back, HE DOES HAVE GALACTIC EMPIRE!!! WOO HOO!!!

Thanks again blb,