We are "A Fanatical User Base"


Want some of my Kool-aid?
I was just watching CNBCC talking about Apples Conference Call and the analyst was talking about the new "Product that is not a mac" and said if it has the apple look and feel it can find a popular following in the "Fanatical User Base" :D :D :D
So lets burn something!
oh wait...those are anarchists...oh nuts :p

If its not an apple...is it a ...newton ? ;)
I don't know about you, but the only thing I'm fanatical about is having real alternatives to what is fast becoming a Microsoft dominated world. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see the end of Microsoft. I just think we should have as many choices as possible. Microsoft is the most visible, but Adobe and Quark are not the nicest kids on the block either. Would it really hurt Windows to have only 50% or 35% of the market share? As it stands today, Apple makes one of the only operating systems that the average person on the street can remember that is NOT Windows. If I say I work with Macs, people know what I'm talking about. If I say I am working with Irix or Solaris I usually get a blank look and the question "what is that?". People really don't know that there are other operating systems out there... that is truly scary if you ask me. People buy Windows because they didn't know of any other choice (and the "every thing is written for Windows" thing is also thrown up quite often). People need freedom to choose, and that freedom is only going to be reached by removing proprietary file types.

If you had a PC with nothing on it, and had to walk across the store to buy the OS (with Windows sitting next to Solaris and Linux) and and office suite (with MS Office next to Star Office), you would have people dropping Windows like the expensive bad habbit that it really is. The only problem would be the file types. Office changes them to make it hard for other apps to read and work with them over a period of time.

If only two things come out of the MS vs. US case, I hope that they are the end of preinstalled operating systems on PCs and proprietary file types. That is what I would call a level playing field.
so my fascination with multiple OSes is nothing to worry about ;)

Funny story from my newton mailing list:

>> while searching for it my my mailbox delete bin I could not find it so I will try to paraphrase :p <<

Verizon DSL calls a customer about their DSL offer,
He candidly says he is interested so the telemarketer asks if he has a windows machine, and he says no.

Then she tells him right away, "oh a macintosh then?" and he replies no.
She is puzzled and asks what kind of computer he uses to go online and he replies "a newton". She asks "oh! Is that new?" (lol :p) and he says "no, as a matter of fact its five years old", then the telemerketer gets fristrated and asks if he has "another computer, mac or windows?" and he says "no" ans she says that she is sorry but cant offer him the DSL service, and he replies back "Oh what a pity, and I was really interested in it!"

LOL --
This was especially funny to me since I just tell most telemarketers NO and hang up (or if they dont know I am 21, I tell them I am not 18 yet, ad thus cant make binding decisions he he he)

I always try to sell them on a website, until they hang up on me, thats fun, or act like I am beating my kids (I don't have kids)