We will NOT be providing 10.1 via FTP


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Well, after thoughtful consideration... and avoiding Apple's legal department (potentially) we have decided NOT to provide 10.1 upgrade... even though it's free. Here is our thinking...

The upgrade, 10.1 is FREE to those who can prove they purchased 10.0, or 10.0 was installed on their machine when they bought it. Unlike normal "Bug Update Fixes" that we are used to with 9.1 & 9.21, this is different. This is why Apple is fighting hard and not making this available for download. This means that you will have to prove to someone, a dealer, a Apple rep, or someone that indeed you purchased 10.1.

If we provide 10.1 via FTP w/o verifying that you purchased 10.0 - we are no better than the pirates who gave out 10.0 when it was released.

Don't look at it as a update, look at it as a real release... and only those who paid for 10.0 get the new release.

I understand not hosting the 10.1 full installer. But would you consider hosting the new dev tools. Apple is not giving them out with the instant updates, forcing people to pay and wait for 10.1 by mail (I need the dev tools for 10.1 to be useful to me). The dev tools would only be useful to someone with 10.1 so that solves the validation problem.

Of course apple may put the new dev tools on line at the ADC this weekend but they are not there yet.

I asked my Apple store and they said they were handing them out. I didnt need to bring any proof.

go figue.
Come Saturday, if I can walk in the store and pick up the update w/o proving I own 10.0 (which I do, and the Beta too) - we will put 10.1 upgrade online at the ftp server. We will also look for sites to mirror this as well.

Should I walk in and have to prove that I own OS X 10.0, then we will not make it available.

Overall, we want to support Apple... and not find ourself in a legal web over distribution of 10.1 upgrade.

If indeed the update has you insert your 10.0 cd for verification, then awesome, we will put it online.

well, i just ordered the full 10.1 update (including dev tools and all) from the apple store and didn't have to prove i own os x ... in fact, the apple store employee stated that the update would be useless without a copy of os x ... so, even though i offered to send in my software coupon to prove i own os x i didn't need to.
just thought i'd mention it...
I called 800-my-apple about an hr ago and they were more than happy to sell me a copy for 129 or I would have to fill out the up-to-date app. and mail it in.... Unless a store (authorized) around here -- will be giving out copies
I wouldn't mind setting up my computer as a server. It has a cable connection, which I can dedicate to work as a ftp server 8pm -9am...I could probalby serve to 3 people at around 50k/sec...not like that of a t1, but none-the-less, I'm here to help ;)
Originally posted by acidtuch10
I called 800-my-apple about an hr ago and they were more than happy to sell me a copy for 129 or I would have to fill out the up-to-date app. and mail it in.... Unless a store (authorized) around here -- will be giving out copies
You have to have purchased either 10.0 or a recent Macintosh computer from the applestore in order to order the upgrade.
I have the 5G64 build found on Carracho since last week. If someone wants to upload the one from Seybold or one they get in the coming days I can host it from my University Ethernet connection. Should be pretty fast. I can either set-up a shared folder under OS X or put it on my Carracho server. Let me know if anyone has it and would be willing to share it...
A lot of people around the web have been testifying that 5G68 is the GM. So we should make sure whatever we post is the real thing. Imagine having an entire community of OS X fans using the wrong version!
How do they know 5G68 is the GM? NO ONE had it until yesterday's Seybold. Unless one of them installs it and checks it we can't know. For Apple to get CD's burned to pass out yesterday, they wouldn't have had time to seed it to developers. The last seed developers got was 5G64 (this is a fact). So, if 5G68 is the GM, it means it must have been an internal build where they tweaked MINOR things, otherwise, they would have seeded it for further bug testing. My guess is 5G68 (if it exists) is 5G64 minus the debug code. Just my two cents...