Weather widget forgotten whether its widgeting weather.


My WW has been working great (set to London UK), then yesterday, things started going a bit strange, with the weather sticking to the same temperature.

I've got out of bed this morning only to find out it's still night time, 31c and theres a thunderstorm outside.

Slighty inaccurate.

Is this the widget, or has the place it gets its information from been struck by lightening?

There is a web link on that Widget, I went there, the web site was giving as wrong information as the widget did
Something sure is wrong. I get no weather data at all since yesterday night. Well, maybe something is wrong with the server or something (as far as I know, the server parsing the data for the widget is not hosted directly by AccuWeather).
Same problem here in OZ. My WW has been working fine, and often out predicts the local weather team, but for the past few days nothing comes up at all and when I tried to reset it there are now "no cities found" for Sydney, New South Wales or Sydney, Australia, even though it was working fine for the last month since I bought Tiger. What gives??
Well, for me it's back to normal. Since yesterday evening it's working again. Looking out of my window... 19° C and sunny... could be right. :)
Man, I wouldn't mind a bit more customizability on the Weather Widget, both on the OS and on the iPhone. As in the ability to choose a weather service that works. I'm sorry, but Accuweather in the US just doesn't have a clue what the real temperature is here, almost every day there is something wrong with it, and the Yahoo one on the iPhone isn't much better.
Today accuweather thinks its 5 c out, with lows of -9 C, Yahoo says its 0 C out but gives the whole day a a range of between 3 degrees C and 3 degrees C.
Accuweather says its bright sunshine out, Yahoo says its going to rain all day. Its overcast and looks like its about to snow - the BBC says it will snow at lunchtime, and to the best of my knowledge the BBC hasn't actually been wrong about anything that actually matters, ever, including '45 minutes and WMD'.
I thought most of these places got their info from the same meteorological organizations, anyway.
Basically, the Weather widget is just rubbish.