Web browsers crashing...


Hi all, new to this forum.

First off...

What OS X system (version) are you running?
>>> Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.2

--Have you run permissions yet?
>>> Yes.

--Have you used Disk Utility from the CD to Repair Disk?
>>>Not needed.

--What devices are connected to your machine?
A Apple USB keyboard (graphite G4), Microsoft Intellimose Explorer 4 (USB to keyboard female). Problem remains with other keyboard(s) and other mice of different combination.

Now then... I've recently got my first mac, tho I must say I've used them for years. My machine is the G4 with PCI graphics. It has 512 Mb of pc100 memory, Tiger 10.4.2 (install is three days old, and yes, Spotlight is done indexing). Furthermore, a 200Gb Seagate IDE disk. HFS+ Journalised. One disk. System disk. CD-ROM replaced with Nec DVD(-+)RW. Works fine. Graphic card is ATI Rage 128 (16 mb).

Generally, the whole thing just runs as nice and smooth as I would expect.

The problem:

Upon loading detailed and large web sites in various browsers (Safari, Camino, Firefox), the browser crashes. I have to Force Quit it after submitting the error report.

Any ideas, anyone, as to what might be causing this? The only problem Ive got with this machine is when I load large pages, in any browsers. As far as I know, all plugins are installed that could be in use on the pages causing the crashes. Example of web pages are www.cnn.com , THIS SITE! (Im on a pc laptop now), and sites with comparable amount of graphics on them.

Is it the ram? Old graphic card? Anything?



It seems that everything goes fine now, when I have deselected the "Enable plugin" checkbox in Safari. That goes for the other web browsers as well. So, what is this? Buggy plugin code? Kind of nice to have straighten it out, tho.


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Hmm... What plugins _are_ installed? Maybe it's just one that you could remove by hand and let the others be active...


fryke said:
Hmm... What plugins _are_ installed? Maybe it's just one that you could remove by hand and let the others be active...

Well, to be honest, I have no idea of wich plugins are installed or not. I have not made any additional installations for third party Safari (nor anything else), software stuff.

I do keepy my system up to date with Software update, and I have not yet checked out how things are after the last nights Safari update (2.0.1).

So, wich plugins? The ones that comes default, I'd guess.


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Plug-ins are here;

user>library.Internet plug-ins

and here

library>internet plug-ins


Okay, just did some nice testing, and found out the following:

I deleted all the plugins. After that, I visited website that I knew needed plugins, I started with Quicktime. (I of course enalbed the checkbox for "Enable Plugins" in Safari first) It works great, the QuickTime plugin works very well in Safari. However, problems seemed to be the Flash plugin. It actually seem, when installed, to crash web pages that doesn't even use the Flash plugin!.

So, now I surf the web with Safari, plugins enabled, and only QuickTime available as plugin. I wonder how sorry I am, really, for the loss of Flash.

And yes, I downloaded the /latest/ Flash and tested.

Anyone else heard of this? At least I localized the problem and boiled it down to /one/ plugin. Any ideas, anyone? Anyone with similar experiences?