Web Cam


I bought a logitech Zoom webcam for my mac OSX version 10.3
I want to know if its compatible with Microsoft messenger or AOL, it seem only to be working with Yahoo messenger.
And if you know if there is a webcam that works with microsoft Messenger.


if you register with aol AIM you will be able to video chat with other AIM user on PC, and with Ichat users on Mac OS. I used to own the same webcam and the only thing I suggest you do is forget about the logitech driver and look for this patch here

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it states pretty clearly on the Logitech box (and only the Pro 4000, from what I can see) that the web cam is limited to Yahoo messenger on OS X.

there is the trial program of ImageCaster on OS X, which does work, but requires a web page with an ftp server.

the Logitech line all work with MSN Messenger.