Web Cams


Just curious on who's running web cams on OSX 10.1 and which types they are running along with problems? Currently I have a Logitec QuickCamPRO 3000 (runs great under windoz and there is a linux driver for it) Has anyone heard anything for this cam and OSX? And if I need to buy a new cam I want one that'll work for both PC and Mac !

Any assistance???

I have an iRez FireWire based Stealth Fire Web Cam. Currently there are no driver's for OS X available from iRez. I am hoping with this recent release of 10.1 that we will be seeing a driver release from them soon. Currently, using the web cam is the only reason at this point that I actually have to restart the computer into OS 9.2. This camera is also compatible with PC's so long as they have a FireWire port, which unfortunately is usually not the case.