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Hey all -

Recently i've been developing my own personal website, and it was coming along nicely. I just ordered OSX, and was eager to preview my website in Internet Explorer 5 beta, and OmniWeb.

In IE 5, most things stayed in their preferred format, but some things were still moved around.

In OmniWeb, almost every thing was messed up, the formating was all wrong from what I had origonally designed and all.

I was wondering, what is causing this? Also, what do I have to do to make my website IE 5, Netscape 4.7, and Omni Web 4 compatible? It seems something is always screwed up somewhere.

Also, is there a carbonized Dreamweaver availible?

Thanks in advance,
We're you using Dreamweaver, GoLive or some other WYSIWYG program? They often produce problematic code. If I remember right, OmniWeb does not support CSS fully, so if you layout was depending on CSS, that's your problem. Explorer 5 for the Mac also has buggy CSS support. I've noticed that absolutely positioning elements with links renders the links unuseable. Go figure. Really stupid Microsoft inovation. Also, if you're hand-coding your pages and using CSS, make sure you declare all lengths with a definition such as px, pt, in, em, or whatever. It used to be that if you just entered a measurement, the browsers understood it as pixels, but Explorer 5.0 doesn't understand lengths without specificed units, and so lumps all the positioned elements on top of each other.
I don't know if this is the same thing budncal was saying but I know another thing it might be is that you have your different objects in layers rather than a table. Layers are only supported by Netscape 4.0 or higher or IE 4.0 or higher. Anything lower than that, OmniWeb, and iCab do not support layers so if you want your viewers to be able to view your site in one of the above browers you must convert your page(s) to tables. If you're using Dreamweaver this is what you do:

1) open your webpage
2) click on modify>layout mode>convert layers to tables

This should fix it. Plus no there isn't a carbonized Dreamweaver and there probably won't be until the final OSX is released.
Thank you both for the replies,

I see what your getting at. Thanks for the information about tables.

Sorry I haven't replied to this thread earlier, but my cable has been down over a week. (Still is, i'm logged in through a ppp)

Thanks again

In other words, if you're using <div> tags in Omniweb, you'll have trouble. Stick to tables. Most WYSWYG editors (GoLive, Dreamweaver) automatically create layers with <div> tags. You want to create simpler layouts depending only on tables to hold everything together. You can still apply stying with CSS by adding class seletors to the <td> cells of the tables.

Have fun.