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Ok this will be a really dumb question....but i need help..since everything is easy ....when you know it :)
Well i am tryting to host my own site on my Mac with mac os x and i tried following the instruction but when i try to connect it says that he cannot find it....can anyone help me?
So i open the web sharing i put my files in the site folder i connect with http://myip/~myshortname/ but doesnt work!!!!1 anyone??

what actually happens? does it return a 404? does the connection time out? does it say server not found?
have you enabled web sharing? does your isp block servers on their network?
I dunno how i did it but it works..except that my friend on a PeeCee can t see the page....any suggestion?
Make 100% sure that you are putting the trailing "/" on the url.

I spent ages trying to get it working using

and it doesn't work.

(it needs )

That's not true. I just tried it. You don't HAVE to insert the final /. The browser will automatically insert it for you. Tried it with actual IP, LOCAL IP and LOCALHOST...
Has anyone tried using a service like www.dns2go.com with a Cable Modem through AT&T to host their site? I can't get it to work, and don't know if it's due to AT&T blocking access to port 80 lately due to code red, or something else I'm doing wrong.

I realize that AT&T doesn't want you hosting from your computer, but I'm just wondering if it can be done. I want to set up a site that just I can access to test stuff on...