Web Links??


Ok, I am a recent unvoluntary convert from Windows to MAC and I am having trouble with Web links. I have discovered that MACs are not as bad as my past experience with them. They do a lot of things well, even better than a PC, but links, shortcuts, aliases does not seem to be one of them.

Basically we have PDF files on our FTP server and used (Windows) links on our Fileservers to point folks to those PDF files. I cannot find anyway to get an FTP link to a PDF file to work with either Safari or Firefox. We are using OS X 10.4. Anyone have an ideas how to create these links, aliases, shortcuts, etc.?

My experience is that FTP is incorrect implemented in this browsers. But what about using the Finder? If you need only read-access to your FTP Server you could connect with command-k.
But I don't know what you'll reach, so a more detailed description could help.


BTW: It's a Mac (Macintosh), not a MAC (Media Access Controll)