Web Page Help!


When Netscape upgraded to 6.1 and then when os X came out with IE 5.1 they killed my companys home page. I've worked all morning and find no issues. Its looks great in Classic IE 5 or netscape 4.7. Whats going on? What chaged?

Check it out at www.artropolis.com

Please help.
Hi Twister, I don't have Netscape 6.1 handy, but it looks great on IE 5.1 under OS X.1 here :)
It's your CSS. I tried piecing your site together.. everything was fun until I put in your link rel tag to the CSS and *wham* busted everything up. Possible problematic tags: line-height, text-indent, margin
Thank you so much Jadey. I removed a few elements from the style sheet and it works great now.

Thanks and Thanks again!