Webcam Drivers


Hello! I have a mac G3 with os 9.2, and am trying to locate a webcam and/or driver that is compatible. Any suggestions? I recently purchased a Logitech Quickcam Zoom, but have been unable to find a driver that will run it.

I did a bit of searching and found drivers but for Windows and Mac OS X only.

Try this driver and see if it will work - at least in basics.,CRID=1795,contentid=5383,OSID=12

From Logitech's web site:

To use a Logitech camera on your Mac OS 9 computer, please consider the following models: QuickCam Pro 3000®, QuickCam® Pro 4000 and the QuickCam® for Notebooks Pro. In order for these cameras to work, you must install QuickCam 8.0.1, which is included with the camera.