i have a Powerbook with tiger installed.
I just got a Logitech QuickCam Messenger as a present..

I down loaded the Maccam for 10.4.. the program open but it cannot recongize the cammera.. the USB of the computer does "see it" but it is not on the desk top..

what can I do.. I am very new to all this stuff (webcams I mean.. I have been around macs for quite a while)

I used to have a logitech Quickzoom it worked fine with this patch and way better than the logitech driver which was actually conflicting with iChat and Panther.

Also found that your cam is not supported by macam according to this

My 2 cents advice either wait for a driver that fits both camera and tiger or get your present exchanged with another logitech model that is Mac compatible.

Hope this helps somehow
How are you testing the functionality of your webcam? Did you try the macam "player/capture" or other software such as yahoo! messanger?
And welcome to the forum.
I'm afraid that Messenger will not work - have tested yesterday on G4 Quicksilver (? I always forget the model) with Panther 10.3.9 and both IOExperts and Macam drivers (uninstalled IOXperts before installing Macam) - No camera found. Have contacted IOXperts - no support for this camera at least until the new driver release. The worst thing is that this cam (with integrated microphone) is not recognized as microphone by mac either. Another cheap webcam - Mustek Wcam 300A was unrecognized as cam but at least worked as USB microphone for my G4 without analog audio-in.
Another matter - maybe Quickcam Messenger brand covers a whole family of different cameras? At least in my village prices for Logitech Quickcam Messenger varies from 20 (bulk) to 80 Euro. 60 Euro is too much for colorful package, isn't it?