Webcams +osx +skype


I have an ibook G4 and a Logitech quickcam pro 4000 and high speed access.
My daughter has a high end PC and similar webcam. I want to be able to use the webcam and Skype for pc to pc internet phone with video and audio.

I have installed the Logitech software 8.0.1 but I can't get the webcam and Skype to communicate and the webcam video won't open either.

The newest Yahoo messenger for MACOSX has no audio.


Your iBook has an internal microphone so no need to go through the webcam for audio. Just check the skype audio preferences to make sure the internal mic is selected.

On video side best bet is to register with aol AIM and drop the logitech software in favor of this patch It worked fine for me when I used to own a quickcam zoom.

more on the subject using search with "webcam" as a Keyword