Webmin Mysql Configuration For Mac Os 10.4 Server


Has anybody installed webmin on a 10.4 server? Webmin is not set up for 10.4 yet but it works. There are only a few files in the MySQL configuration I can`t find.
I found the path to the commands (they are in /usr/bin/ now) but I can`t find the paths for the start command and the directories.
Any ideas?
This works pefectly for mysql module conf in Webmin:

Path to mysqlshow command	/usr/bin/mysqlshow
Path to mysqladmin command	/usr/bin/mysqladmin
Path to mysql command		/usr/bin/mysql
Path to mysqldump command	/usr/bin/mysqldump
Path to mysqlimport command	/usr/bin/mysqlimport
Command to start MySQL server	cd /usr/ ; (./bin/safe_mysqld || ./bin/mysqld_safe) &
Command to stop MySQL server	Automatic     
Path to MySQL shared libraries directory	None     
MySQL host to connect to	localhost     
MySQL port to connect to	Default     
MySQL socket file		Default
hi there,

I am using MAC osx (10.66). I installed mysql 5.6 and it installed to the following directory:


So I am writing this note to anybody who cannot find sql at the path mentioned in the post above.
You may find mysql at:

You may also find mysqldump there at: