webmin problem


hi all mac entousiasts.

Since i upgraded to jaguar i have problem whin webmin.

It loads well but can't configure apache webserver.

Have they changed the path's.

check the picture attached.

could someone tell me what to change there.

Thanks a lot

Apache server root directory /Library/WebServer
Path to httpd executable /usr/sbin/apache
Apache version Work out automatically __
Path to the apachectl command /usr/sbin/apachectl __
Command to start apache Automatic __
Command to stop apache Automatic __
Display virtual servers as Icons ___
Order virtual servers by Order in config files __ __
Maximum number of servers to display
Path to httpd.conf __ Automatic
Path to srm.conf __ Library/WebServer/Configuration/srm.conf
Path to access.conf __ Library/WebServer/Configuration/access.conf
Path to mime.types __ Library/WebServer/Configuration/mime.types
File to add virtual servers to httpd.conf __
Test config file before applying changes? Yes __


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found the solutions
they just updated webmin to version1.000

and it configures it perfectly(automatically)