WebObjects install

A few months ago I noticed an article on
http://www.stepwise.com - do a search in there - you will find it.

While I'm here, has anyone got any idea if Webobjects will support mySQL natively any stage in the future?

If so - I'm going to implement my Filemaker solution in Webobjects.
Depends on what you call native...

there's a module to get mySQL to work with in WO. I've used it myself and it works fairly well though it is a work in progress. I think its opensource and you can find it on http://www.stepwise

there will most definitely be a way to get mySQL - WO -OS X working together. It mostly depends on Apple releasing WO for MacOS X for real (apart from user hacks). If Apple just recompiled WO4.5 for MacOS X I would instantly move all development to MacOS X PB, beta or not.