websharing doesnt want to start


when i click the start web sharing button in the sharing system prefs the button goes grey and it says starting up forever. if i quit system prefs it goes back to being off, but i still cant start it. anyone?
I used to have the same problem. I fresh-installed 10.1 and now web sharing starts up in about a half a second. Try a fresh install, if you haven't already. Who knows.
Go to the command line and type

apachectl restart

for a more detailed error message. Respond with what it says if you want more help.
I just had this problem, too. Seemed to be out of the blue as I didn't thing I had changed anything. But I had been "looking" through the httpd.conf file. I guess I must have accidently hit a key or something cuz when I did the restart command I had a tiny little syntax error -- just a stray letter in a weird place. I deleted it and it's all fine now. Too simple, for once!
ok heres the message i got after apachectl restart

[localhost:/Users/zot] root# apachectl restart
/usr/sbin/apachectl restart: httpd not running, trying to start
dyld: /usr/sbin/httpd Undefined symbols:
/usr/sbin/apachectl restart: httpd could not be started
also i never upgraded to 10.0.4 or got a web sharing upgrade. i went from 10 to 10.1
Originally posted by testuser
...one line perl command...sudo perl -i.prefix -p -e 's/apple_hfs_module/hfs_apple_module/g' /etc/httpd/httpd.conf
Much slicker than manually editing the http.conf file!