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ILG Tech

My new company is looking for an experienced Website Designer-Developer-Programmer to help build-out a database-driven website. As a Macintosh lover (and OS X user myself), I thought I'd check in here to see if there are any Macintosh users who might be interested (obviously it's not a Mac-specific project, but hey GoLive and DreamWeaver are Mac applications, right?). So, would it be inappropriate to post my ad here in this thread/forum? (I thought I'd give a Mac programmer the opportunity before I, gulp, advertise to Wintel users). I don't want to post an irrelevant or unwanted thread, so, I'll wait to hear from you folks before proceeding ....
There should probably be a section of these forums dedicated to such adds or help wanted... maybe its something to keep in mind for the next update ;)
i would consider myself intermediate-advanced when it comes to php and mysql. :D

the project i was working on for the last 5 months got put on hold about a month ago because of lack of funding. i was the lead developer... but we needed ca$h money, so we all went and got jobs. now i work at a call center doing tech support for HP printers in mac environments. not the best job but it pays pretty good.

i really want to get back into doing web stuff, in my spare time. i could make 15-20 hours available a week.

2 web sites i have made that are currenty live (if you'd like to see examples): - php/mysql. my mom's business :) - a music website (a la that i was the lead developer for. this is developed with Roxen and mysql. i left the company about a year ago. we had some great ideas, but the team overall lacked initiative.

out of curiosity, what would the pay be?
Yeah, another forum would be good for employment related sort of things, and I think it will encourage more OS X development on the part of developers. I have not seen a single job want ad that says "Must have experience in Aqua programming experience using Object-C or Java." But if we had a forum for that....

Speaking of java, being a seasoned PHP programmer, I would put my two cents that any website that's a bit complex should think about using J2EE technology to build it instead. With jsp/servlets, javabeans/ejb, jdbc, and a wealth of free libraries out there, modularity and expandability definitely beats php and in the long run for big projects, development is faster and less prone to spaghetti codes (unless you only use jsp like you would with php and asp). And as a Mac OS X user, I use forte for my Servlet/JSP/java/EJB stuff with more ease than anything Windows can offer (and prettier than linux).

So if you want java stuff, drop me a line.

It appears that my interest in creating a new MAC-related employment forum (for employers AND job seekers) has received an overwhelming positive response (including the moderator). Thus, I will take the honor of posting the first potential project opening:

We, ILG Technologies, Inc., a newly incorporated entity, are seeking you, an experienced and passionate website designer-developer-programmer, to help us create a proprietary internet e-commerce & content database driven web site on a “Work For Hire” project basis for a new startup venture.

You're an HTML and Javascript whiz; an asp, php, SQL, and database programming guru (and perhaps a Flash warrior). The ideal website designer-developer-programmer for this work for hire short-term project will have a fine-tuned understanding of how Web design, technologies, and programming resources fit together (ability to think outside the box is essential). This Yoda-esq Webmaster is responsible for coding the information structure, site navigation, database development (both front-end & back-end) and interfaces of this novel, custom website. He or she must have sufficient experience in all aspects of database driven e-commerce websites as well as overall concept development, user interface design and site usability.

This Webmaster should have a solid working knowledge of HTML, Javascript, cgi, perl, SQL, asp, and/or php, etc. technologies. (Knowledge of Java, a plus). BBEdit or other text-based Web development tools is required, as is experience with Adobe® GoLive!, Dreamweaver, MS-Access, SQL Server/mySQL, Cold-fusion or other database related tools. Experience with Adobe® Illustrator, Photoshop, and/or Macromedia® Flash may also be required.

This temp project is on a “work for hire” independent contractor basis (compensation is negotiable and depends on experience and work product). Work to be done off-site at your own location; however, numerous development and progress meetings will be required at a location T/B/A. [Note: we are located in West Los Angeles, CA but might be convinced by you that this project can be properly carried out and supervised over the phone/internet/email instead?] (Work for Hire and Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements will be required.) Desire solid programming skills of 3+ years; 4 Year Degree or programming certificate is also a plus (but not required for those Jedi-programmers born with the gift of coding and who can, of course, verify this with functional samples of their past work [e.g., URLs]). The successful candidate is self-motivated, detail oriented, and efficient. Must be able to estimate and give progress reports on time/scope of website development work.

Please e-mail your résumé (in Word®, RTF, or PDF format) with cover letter and references / portfolio website sample URLs to:

(Please do not send private messages or 'replies' to us in this forum regarding this position as we may not have the time to log in frequently. Email is your best bet for all correspondence. If need be, we will post a FAQ.)

Thank you.