weird boot noise


recently we had a thunderstorm. ibook was plugged in, and there was a power flicker. after restarted the computer just to be safe, it took 15 minutes to book from login to finder coming up.

flash forward to a day later, when everything stops responding. can't click anything. the dock doesn't even zoom the icons. i hit the power button and restart. when it started to boot back up, a single beep came from the speakers and the sleep light flashed for about a second, and the computer didn't boot anymore than that.

i hit the power button again, and it boots with no problems whatsoever.

ibook 700mhz g3 10.3.9 384m Ram.

what i've found on google tells me that one beep means make sure your memory is still good. that's about it, though.

any help would be greatly appreciated.
hello tallboy

seems there is an additional Ram installed on ur OS since you get a single beep on the startup. i would recommend u to remove the memory and plug it back in. that should help. iboos would do this if there are any issues with ports. if u were connected to internet to internet when there was a thunderstorm then th port that was connected (phone line or ethernet cable)would be causing trouble to the iBook's logic board.