weird burning probs in X with Finder and Toast


Having difficulty burning images that X will read under the Finder and Toast P2, under 10.1.

Here's my hardware:
Powerbook g3 Lombard ("bronze" 1999) 333mhz
320 RAM
keyspan firewire Cardbus card in the cardbus slot
EZQuest Boa 16x10x40 CDRW firewire attached to the cardbus

Here are the problems. These do not appear to be hardware problems, since everything works fine (erasing CDRW and burning and reading burned disks via the Boa) under 9.2.1, using Toast 5.1 (Lite).

(1) -- trying to burn via the Finder -- after I have dragged my desired files to the prepped blank cd icon, the Finder appears to prepare the files, burn them, finish the session, and verify. Then, though, up pops a dialog box saying that the volume is unreadable by the system, and do I want to initialize.

(2) -- attempting to burn through Toast (I know that erasure is not supported in this preview), it goes through all the required steps, verifies, and ejects. Then, on reinsertion into the drive, first the finder says that it is an unrecognizable volume and do I want to initialize, and then Toast is unable to read the disk, saying that the directory is damaged, or something.

Sometimes the "burned" disk is sorta readable if I put it in the expansion bay CD drive -- sorta meaning that it starts to read it, and puts up the finder icon, but then it groans over the CD, trying to read it, and then the FInder crashes...

There are a couple of success stories, though, which make it all stranger:

(a) -- I can apparently burn an audio CD in iTunes 2.0.1, so long as after inserting the blank media (CDRW, which I am using to save money on coasters!) I *ignore* the prompt from the Finder to "prepare" the blank disk for burning as either ISO hybrid, ISO mp3, or audio. If I skip over this dialog box without clicking either "prepare" or "eject" and just go straight to iTunes, I can burn...

(b) -- I can finagle a way to get an X-readable image out of Toast -- what I have to do is first burn the data via "Write Session," and then eject, ignore the "initialize" prompt at the Finder, and then burn on top of the original "session" via "Write Disc."

Very strange... Does anyone have any thoughts on what to do?

Thanks! Mike:confused: