Weird little box


I have recently installed Tiger on both of my Macs, and have this weird little box that floats around and appears to highlight things. It goes through all of my applications and I cannot get rid of it. At the same time this box showed up under apple pull down menu the restart, shut down and log out prompts are duplicated. So now there are two of each with the new one showing up followed by this.... Another weird thing that happens is when I attempt to highlight images in a list as I scroll down to highlight others it jumps back to the top of the list. So I cannot highlight many image at once. I believe this problem started while working in Photoshop CS2 on both computers. I do not remember exactly, but I believe it happened while adding a new adjustment layer to an image. I have tried using Disk Utility and this did nothing. Any body else experiencing these problems and what do I do?
DO you have an external hard drive? - If so install Tiger to that along with your other apps and see if that fixes it, if it does, backup everything you need reformat your computer and rinstall the OS along with the apps. If its photoshop check adobe for updates or the apple software update menu.