Weird Mail dings....


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It started a few days ago...

I have an alert sound for when new mail arrives (OS X ... since a few days ago .. it "Dings" but no new mail ... happens once and awhile and I'm getting worried that I'm loosing mail here ?

Anyone else have this happen ?
I haven't had it happen, but you could telnet to the mail server on port 110 to see if there's any mail there. You need to send the POP commands directly:

after it connects type USER (username) & return
PASS (password) &return;

Then type STAT to get a message count, UIDL to get a list, and RETR (message #) to read a message.
*sigh* there shouldn't be any semicolon after the last return, you should hit the return key. something about that ampersand triggered my HTML/C reflexes :)
This is what I have found out ....

I was fearing that (I had delete message from server checked) was checking mail downloading a new message but it not showing up...

I unchecked (delete massage from server) and looked on the mail server after I heard another mystery "Ding" and sure enough .. a message was there but not in , yet it gave me the alert sound so it did something....

I have been rebuilding my mailbox now and again, closing it and re-opening it to see if would show up after doing so .. and no joy ...

I don't know .. it would seem to me that is not all to much trust worthy ....

I'm going to clean up some, I currently have around 883 messages in it, perhaps it has a mailbox size issue that's not known about yet or something .....

I'll keep an I out .. But in the mean time... what another e-mail app that's as nice as ???
I occasionally have the same problem. However, I use IMAP for all my mailboxes, not POP3 (thus, everything always stays on the server).

I've found that I get notices about new mail and the count goes up but new messages aren't displayed. Once it happens, its going to stay like that until I clear it up.

To clear it up, I log into my IMAP server with another client (I use Exchange 2000 server, so I can go into my Web-based email client and see the messages that are unread). Undoubtedly, its the next unread message that's clogging the system. Once I delete that (it almost always turns out to be a junk mail with HTML) and rebuild the mailbox, I'm fine.

This doesn't mean that something isn't wrong. Something is definitely wrong. This is just how I get around it.
I have several filters set up for my accounts. I get the notification sound (the sexy female voice form clixsounds) for new mail whe it arrives. However, if a filter catches it, I never see it in the inbox - it's either sent to the "Questionable Folder" or deleted straight away (as in any mail from MicroSloth, or - god, I hope those are just made-up names and don't really exist) ;)

In any event, if you're using filters, this could account for the notification but no email in some cases.

As far as the other issue - the mail actually being there but not downloading. I've never had that happen.

Hope this helps.