Weird occurance on File Open dialog boxes......


I just noticed....and please bear with's a situation bit confusing and complicated.....

After going to MacOS X, I haven't been able to open files via the File Open dialog box on my desktop/directories via an old OS 9 partition. Let me explain it in detail:

1)MacintoshMainHD = Old OS 9 partition (6 GB HD); seperate HD/primary

2)OSXbetababy = New partition having OS 9(to support Classic and OS X (15 GB HD); seperate HD/secondary

That's two different physical HD's in my G3, one containing OS 9.0.4, and the other one with OS X beta and OS 9.0.4. So when I startup in the primary drive (1), the old OS 9 partition, open up any App (such as Word, Excel, etc.), and do a file open, I get the listing of contents in the number 2 drive (all the OS X stuff as well as the new OS 9 partition), the DVD drive, and, other peripherals, but no link to the desktop that belongs to 1, but for 2. The stupid way, so far to get around this, is to drag files I wanna use into the 2nd HD containing OS X and the new OS 9 partition, and then open it from it's relevant app.

So as an example if ABCD.xls sat on the desktop or any area of the 1st HD, it will not even come up on the file open dialog, even though I can double-click on it and it will come up; you'll only see the other volumes, and the desktop/internal directories of the 2nd HD on the file open box. You need to open ABCD.xls by placing a copy of it on the 2nd HD. Weird!!!!

I suspect there is some kind of confusion going on with 2 OS 9 partitions, and thus it is over-riding the original HD 1. Does anyone know what's going on? Another Apple blunder or can this be attributed to me????? Me creating another OS 9 partition might have not been a smart move.....but why would that matter????

Waiting for someone's response earnestly....

Again the tech specs:

Mac 350mHz G3 (Blue/White), 128 MB RAM,
2 HD's:
1)Maxtor 6GB; Having OS 9.0.4; primary drive
2)Maxtor 15GB; Having OS X and another freshly installed OS 9.0.4 partition, installed seperately since I wanted to use Classic under OS X because the primary drive's OS 9 was crashing each time I started it up for Classic; Classic works fine with the second partition now.