Weird Start up Problem


I left my powerbook on for a few days and when I came back the screen was frozen so I held the power button to shut it off and when I powered it back up it got past the gray apple and went to a black screen with text that displayed /etc/master.passwd: No such file or directory
/etc/master.passwd: No such file or directory
-s-2.05b# (I can type here)

and it goes to this screen everytime I reboot my comp

Please help ASAP

Sorry if I posted in the wrong spot or something

OK, it's a long shot, but try inserting your OS X install disc, holding "C" to boot from CD when you turn the computer on, then, when it boots into the installer, choose "Reset Password" (or words to that effect) from (I think) the File menu.

If it doesn't find a password, one would hope it would recreate that master.passwd file and all will be well again.

It won't RUIN anything, but it might not fix anything either.