Weird Wrong Mapping In the Osx Mainly...

Hi, about 1 and half month ago I aquired a brand new PB. The problem is that since it arrived it displays an annoying problem. Right after I turn it on some OSX elements don't display correctly, some menus from the top bar are transparent, finder box apperars wrongly mapped with some shaddows out of place.... another sign that something is wrong is the Trash Icon in the dock that keeps flickering whenever I move the mouse over the dock... Funny with all this is that when the computer "warms up" the problem seams to fade, not completely but significantly. I also have realised that when I change the power settings of the PB the problem becomes more evident or almost gone (Better energy Savings=More corrupted Mapping/Better Performance= Less Mapping errors).
Do you guys can suggest me any fix for this? Have you read anything like this? THKS for the Help!


You have made three posts 1 (29 August 2005), 2 (01 September 2005, in the 'Virtual PC' forum), and above, about your PowerBook.

In your first post, you stated being stationed in Portugal as the reason for not sending the PowerBook to Apple for repair.

As per Apple - its one year and then AppleCare plan provides for:

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'Convenient repair options
The AppleCare Protection Plan includes up to three years of onsite service for desktop computers.* The plan also provides global repair coverage for portable computers and Mac mini, which can be very important if you travel abroad. Apple-certified technicians perform repairs using genuine Apple parts.'
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• ...

Notice the word 'global'? If you have your reasons, doubts, or worries, of sending (to Apple) and then receiving (from Apple) the PowerBook in Portugal - then perhaps sending the PowerBook to a family members residence in the country of your origin (you see, not everyone on are in or from the United States), and having Apple send the shipping material and returning the PowerBook there may be an option.

Otherwise, there is additional information about this PowerBook not being mentioned.

Based on your descriptions of the PowerBook's idiosyncrasies, I believe they are hardware based. The sooner you contact Apple and handle it through them, the better - for you.