While trying to log outta root user and back into my account my system crashed. When i tryed to restart it failed. The hard drive would spin up and click. It flashed a ? at me and i think i even saw an X. But after many tries i got it to start up off the OS9.1 cd and re-chose my start up disk. Then it worked great. Better than before! My PPP connection didnt stumble while getting online. Apps opened fast and Classic was great. Any problems i had before were gone. But as i worked though the day my problems came back. My PPP jerks me around when connecting, everything crashed (including os x finder) and my apps didnt open. does anyone have a clue why this might be happening? I dint change anything. I did however (after the problems came back) create a new user and logged in as the new user. And the problems were gone in that mode.

Whats up? Any ideas?

Dunno what's up but you might try runnig Disk First Aid, to be safe.

Boot off the CD and run DFA or reboot into single user mode by holding down the S key or maybe Command-S. At the funny prompt, run 'fsck' repeatedly until no more errors are reported.

I know if you boot into os9, and want to get back into os x, you ought to download the newest startup disk control panel for os9.1 from apple's web site. And, you need to be running mac os 9.1.
Also, make sure that the user you created when you initially botted into os x isn't called 'root'. Its ok to use root if you properly enable it in the netinfo application.
BTW, you've already heard this, but "He who play in root mess up tree."
If you're getting that ? when you are re-booting, try rebooting and zapping your pram. Just hold down opt-apple-p-r when you reboot. The computer will reboot by its self when the pram is zapped, and you can stop holding down the keys. That makes the computer think you just turned it on for the first time, and it needs to locate the hard disks. (Well, sort of...)
Also, once you get back into os x, download the os x software-updates (there's a control panel for this, I think - maybe its an application).

I hope this helps a bit.