Official Mac User
Since I installed OS X on my iMac DV SE 500, my startup sound is gone. I mean the one that shows that everything is ok wit the hardware and stuff, n that appears directly after switching on the mac.

I din't do a firmware update! So it must b something else :confused:
Maybe I havent notice but teh startup chime no longer exists :eek: !!!!

(I wish it were customizable if it did exist :p I have a Mac Plus chime that I could use on my G3 :p)

Actually, I was just looking to see if anyone else was experiencing this as well. I finally made the leap back to OS X after the 10.1 update came out (figured I'd give it another whirl). The first thing I noticed was that the startup chime was no longer working.

The second thing I noticed was even with the dramatic speed improvements, it's still a dawg.. and I'm not exactly running on a slouch of hardware either.. G4-500, 1 gig of Infineon RAM and 2x30 gig IBM deskstar 7200rpm drives, AGP Rage128Pro & PCI Radeon. Atleast it's somewhat usable now. :)